I Love Eco Essentials - SEE YA FUZZ - travel razor

I Love Eco Essentials - SEE YA FUZZ - travel razor

  • 35,00 kr

Razor made of cornstarch and wrapped in stone paper printed with soy ink! Blades of stainless steel, razor-sharp!

Why we love them:

  • It’s made of degradable cornstarch – what is not to like??
  • Use it to de-pill your clothes!
  • If you clean your razor with oil, it will last longer.
  • Don’t twist and turn the razor while shaving, slow and steady wins!



Start by washing your skin in warm water, it helps soften your follicles and encourages your pores to open, while removing excess oil & dead skin cells.  If you have very dry skin, add our MIX&MATCH OIL 5-10 minutes before showering, rinse with water and use our E vitamin moisturizing conditioner as a shaving gel. Hold the razor at a 30-degree angle, use short and light strokes moving slowly in the direction of hair growth.


Try using the crystal deodorant after shaving! Add cold water to the crystal and swipe over newly shaved area – it has antiseptic properties, combats razor burns & removes the red rash we all hate.

SGS certified