I Love Eco Essentials - Crystal Deodorant

I Love Eco Essentials - Crystal Deodorant

  • 45,00 kr



Wet crystal, swipe over skin and let dry. Off you go!

It leaves virtually invisible non-sticky, topical layer on the skin. Diminishes perspiration and neutralizes malodor, leaving your skin free to detox naturally.

Why we love it:

  • 24 hours protection!
  • Reduces perspiration, leaving the skin dry and comfortable.
  • Does not cause any stain on your clothes.
  • Economical: Will last longer than the average marriage…

Psst… Perfect Pits is also an excellent aftershave. If effectively combats razor burn & soothes the skin after shaving!



Neutral – fragrance free. 0 % aluminum chlorhydrate. Hypoallergenic. No perfume. No staining.

100% Natural Potassium Alum (kalunite) from volcanos in Panama.

Hand-cut, shaped and polished into its shape.

SGS certified.